Conference together as one

Placed in rubric Preaching

October 12 and 13 we had amazing conference “Together as One” with George Daviduk and Nicky Cruz. More than 3000 people visited this conference, Ten Slavic churches have worked as one team. God is doing something new in our region. Hundreds young people dedicated their life for Jesus, what can be better than this. We want to give all Praise to our Lord Jesus Christ. Read more…

Dear Neighbors

Placed in rubric Preaching

We are excited to be in the Rockwood area and be part of this community. We have met a lot of great people all around us. Our hearts go out to help each other with gifts every one of us have. For the last few months we had kid’s fun nights, a late summer party, basketball night every Wednesday for youth, and now we are planning to start free classes for music and singing. We want to hear your opinion and your ideas to make the Rockwood area a better place.
Also, we believe in spiritual support in our community. So, we decided to start an English service at World Harvest Church. We will have our first meeting on Saturday, October 13, at 6pm. We plan to have services every Saturday night at 6pm. Read more…

Against the current

Placed in rubric Worship

Many times we like to swim or relax at the river. We see that every river has a current.
It is very easy to swim with the current but very hard to swim against the current. The world also has its own
current. The world has a current of alcohol, abortion, unfaithfulness, violence, drugs, disobedience,
All people who left a mark in their life, were going against the current. One of them was Harriet Tubman,
she was called Moses of her people. Read more…

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