Pastor Curry Blake “New Man”

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10960778_10204855287280618_1371946507_oWe had an amazing seminar with Pastor curry Blake called “New Man”. Pastor Curry Blake helped us understand and realize how close and connected we are to Christ. When we were born again we became a new creation. Meaning that are old man has died and we became one with Christ. This means that we have the same spirit as Christ does. The Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead, dwells in us! when we became born-again we received our inheritance. Everything that belongs to Jesus now belongs to us as well. We no longer live in fear, in sickness, pain, hopelessness, or in any other kind of evil. We are now his heirs and we rule over the kingdom of darkness with his spirit! His Spirit lives in you and you are complete! You can order CD or DVD, tel. 503 252 3595


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