Year of Awakening

Rubric: News

10947699_10204855371322719_1522476758_nYear of Awakening. All of us know what the diffrenece is when we are sleeping and when we are awake. There are two different worlds, two different realities.We need physical sleep, but being spiritually as sleep is really dangerous. When we sleep we really can not see what is going on around us.Church in America must awake to see reality. Everyday the enemy is destroying families through divorce, young lives through addictions, hospitals are overflowing with sick people, debts and poverty are in a high point all around us. The Cry of God’s Heart is for His church is “Wake up, wake up, O Zion! Clothe yourself with strength.” Paul describing the last days that all creation “waiting eagerly for God to show who his children are.” The First and second Awakenings in the USA really shaped the history and showed direction for our country. God is ready, the world is ready, and as a church we must awake to hear His voice and His call “Who will go for us” and we can answer “Here I am send me”.


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