Mexico Mission Trip

Rubric: Testimony

Well, this trip was much different than last years trip to Sonora Mexico. We visited a kids orphanage and got to play and interact with the kids. We helped people that live at the cemetery. However, my most most memorable part was when we saw with our own eyes of people doing drugs.we see people doing it on movies or we hear about it and it doesn’t really touch our hearts . But when we see someone injecting this drug in their veins and neck and arm you’re just blown away by the reality. Like this is real ! This is happening in front if your eyes. It’s just so sad to see them sell their life, and families for this little bottle of pleasure, of heroine. And to see that they don’t want anything, they just need God’s love. I didn’t feel scared there at all. All I wanted was to come up and hug them.


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